Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trusting Him and Humbling Ourselves.

Are you often discouraged that your prayers haven't been answered immediately or in the manner in which you hoped for?

Do we expect God to be our servant, instead of humbling ourselves and asking Him how we can be His?

This is a question that can help us to become humble and get lost in His work and worry less about what we want for ourselves and trust what He is doing with our lives.

"Coming to trust him, his purposes and what he is doing with our lives fulfils a yearning that nothing else on this earth can satisfy."

"Sometimes our promised blessings are deferred, held for their proper time as the Lord knows it in his omniscience. When we have tasted of His Spirit and have felt His touch, this we can survive with grace and patience."

"Whether he takes my current burdens or not, whether he waits to ease them, I love him. All of the yearnings of my soul are drawn out to him. I adore what he is, not just what he does for me in my pleadings [or prayers]."

From "When Yesterday's Burden Isn't Lighter Today" {Meridian Magazine} By Maurine Proctor