Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Worst Enemies

We attended Soda Springs Seminary Graduation this last week & there were a lot of neat things said, but I really appreciated what the Utah State Seminary teacher said. He talked about a lighthouse or a tower and said that they worked so well because one could see their enemies coming.... he than compared the lighthouse or tower with a TEMPLE. He said when you are within the temple, there aren't any windows that you look out of and that you cannot see what is outside. He then went on to say that we needed to watch out for our enemies. He then asked, "Who are our enemies?" The answer was of course, OURSELVES.

We are our own worst enemies. Think about that. We control our thoughts, our actions, and our words. We control whether or not we allow ourselves to be offended or whether we are going to offend others. We are in control of ourselves! We have tendencies to make bad choices, to misjudge, and to hurt others.... which in turn ALWAYS hurts ourselves. I think that it is extremely important to realize that we need to watch out for ourselves, making sure that WE are our own keepers... of strength, truth, and all those things that we want to stand for. We must protect ourselves from ourselves... our own worst enemies!